The Great Depression By Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

The Great Depression By Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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Could one women bring hope out of the Great Depression? Hope is what keeps people looking ahead and striving for new and better opportunities. The Great Depression was a time of despair and poverty in which people relied on hoped for a better life. One person who seemed to bring this hope to people was Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an activist, politician, diplomat, and first lady. The 1920s and 1930s brought a great despair from the Great Depression that made people searching for hope, which was inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt and even today she continues to bring hope.
The Great Depression was a time in which people persistently hoped for anything to change their horrible living conditions. The Depression was a long economic decline that left almost everyone in poverty. It all began when the stock market crashed on October 1929. From then on it was a rapid decline of spending, investing, industrial outputs, and unemployment. Most of America 's banks had gone out of business and thirteen to fifteen Americans were unemployed. With the help of President Franklin Roosevelt reforms the effects of the Great Depression lessened but it did not fully recover until 1939 (“The Great Depression”). Life for middle and working class changed during the Depression. These changes can be seen through social protests, social systems of welfare, households, work practices, and understanding social communities. Groups of people began to come together to form communities for survival by race and religion ("Everyday Life during the Depression”). A man named Bill was a teenager when the Great Depression was occurring and he recalls that, “Food and jobs were hard to get and many people stood in lines for government hand-outs. A lot of people lived on powd...

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...s General Assembly, U.N.’s Human Rights Commission 's, National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps, and the President 's Commission of the Status of Women. She was considered to me the most outspoken first lady. On the side of her political work she wrote novels about her life. She published around four novel about her life. On November 7, 1962, Eleanor Roosevelt passed away from tuberculosis, heart failure, and aplastic anemia. ("Eleanor Roosevelt Biography"). Throughout her life Roosevelt was active in her role as first lady which brought hope to variou people.
Eleanor Roosevelt impacted people 's lives during the Great Depression and even today with her words and actions. To this day people believe she was the leader of women 's right. Also that she was the first important figure to used the mass media to get her point across. ("Eleanor Roosevelt Biography").

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