The Great Depression And World War II Essay

The Great Depression And World War II Essay

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We now have five generations in the workplace. Formally the workplace consisted of two groups the old timers and known it all young hotshots. For the first time in history, there are five generations working side by side. They are the traditional generation (born pre – 1945), Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1980), Generation Y (born 1981-1995), and the Linkster generation (born after 1995). Knowing each generation characteristics helps immensely in attracting, engaging, retaining, developing, and advancing its members. Together they represent a vast pool of talent and skill, the most crucial resource that organizations have.
These older Americans hold three quarters of the nation’s wealth and are executive leaders of some of the most established and influential companies in America.(Nishimura, F. 2015) They are described as the greatest generation. The Traditional born before 1945; are influenced by the great depression and World War II. Technology has brought tremendous changes during their careers to life in general and the workplace in particular. They prefer face to face meetings and like their boomer counter parts are often tolerant of technology. Traditional employees don’t like to be micromanaged. Some attributes are that they believe in hierarchy and formal memos, command and control, and self- sacrifice. There is always a respect for authority, family and community involvement.
The second largest generational workforce are known as the Boomers. Very traditional in nature, they have work to live instead of live to work. These were prosperous times and the boomers could see the opportunties available and were willing to do the hard work for recongnition and independence. Boomers are problem solve...

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...over time, like many of us. The digital-age has always been the way of life for them. (Lyon, G. 2015)
Generational stereotypes may cause employees to dwell on differences. This will no help in and working environment don’t just assume people need special treatment. The best way to handle this situations to get to know each person individually. By studying the demographics of the workforce will ensure a better understanding overall. To have direction conduct regular human resource surveys to get a pulse on the needs. From experience colleagues learn more from each other than they do from training. Another way to promote cross-generational ideas would be to reverse or reciprocal formal training. Understanding the characteristics of the colleagues work will help figure out how best to manage assignments, and also the best ways to manage and motivate the team.

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