The Great Depression And The Cold War Essay

The Great Depression And The Cold War Essay

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The 20th century brought about many changes, with several events molding society in the way we know of it today. With the Great Depression, World War 2 , and the Cold War, America faced many internal and external threats, that endangered the American way of life and forced the country to reshape it’s views to move past events that seemed, at the time, to be the lowest points.
The Great Depression did not happen over night but for some it must have felt that way. However when the stock market crashed in October 24, 1929, it may have felt for most that they say was falling rather quickly and rather unpredictably. In truth though the events leading up to the Great Depression may have clued into down fall of the economy. This was not America first Great Depression; in fact there was another in 1819. Under the leadership of President Van Buren, the government chose to take a laissez-faire stance on the subject, only helping land debtors in matter of money, this set a precedent to do so every time there was an economic dip in America. However in 1929, President Hoover chose to take a different approach, which was coined, by Anderson at the “Hoover’s New Deal” or simple “New Deal”. This called for heavy government intrusion, with increased wages prices and rates. This “New Deal” was ultimately a failure.
In the years the depression raged, many people looked for an answers and longed for a better time. The 1930’s brought back many people’s views of tradition and folk culture. Many intellectuals, sought to look to old times, the Southern Agrarians, a group of eleven southern scholars, sought wanted to society to go back to an Agrarian way of life. Another group known as the New Humanists also wanted to return to the old way of l...

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... American’ Americans thought it was there patriotic obligation to by American made products and to boost the economy. As a result the US became the leading economic leader as it is still today. In the 1980’s president Regan made tax cutes and federal tax revenue increased dramatically. Much of the money was spent on military use, being sent the American allies and the Strategic Defense Initiative. As a response the soviets also spent their money on there military and went bankrupt in the process.
America molded its self to fit the situation needed for the people. And these events shaped the nation to they proud country it is today. The Great Depression taught America to be hopeful; World War 2 taught it to unite and the Cold War taught it to be tough. These three things brought us into the new millennium with ne technologies, new threats and new way of life.

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