Essay on Great Britain´s Reform of The Public Sector

Essay on Great Britain´s Reform of The Public Sector

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In mid-nineteenth-century, Britain as the starting point of the reform of public sector. Northcote-Trevelyan Report of 1854 was set up to look more widely into the administration of government, it gave rise to the traditional public administration model. In 1995, after the successful launch of Commonwealth Profiler series, The Auckland Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting of 1995 mandated its “Towards a New Public Administration’ Programme, inspired public sector reforms in advanced Western countries. In the change from traditional public administration (TPA) to new public management (NPM), is it just a change in terminology or a decisive change, various countries examples will be used to examine. (Dr. Percy Lui, 2014) (Richard Jarvis, 2002)

According to Rose’s functional approach, public sector is the sector that mobilizes public resources, which through political and legal authorization, combine into public programmes that meet the needs of the public. A change in terminology means the change from TPA to NPM is just the change in name; A decisive change means the change from TPA to NPM changes their theoretical assumptions, their perception of roles of the public sector and the ways that the public sector should operate. (Dr. Percy Lui, 2014)

Change from TPA to NPM, there are differences in their theoretical assumptions. In the forms of organization, TPA based on the theory of bureaucracy and NPM is economic basic. In Weber’s principles of bureaucracy, authority derives from the law and from rules made according to the law, no other from of authority is to be followed. The public sector takes high degree of authority. Weber maintained a capitalist market economy ‘demand that the official business of the administration b...

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...anged several ways that the public sector should operate, so it is a decisive change. (Richard Common, 2001) (Hughes, Owen E, 2012)

In conclusion, there are change in their theoretical: change from bureaucratic base to economic base, and change from separation between politicians and administrators to private management; change in their perception of roles from serve citizens to serve customers; and change the ways that the public sector should operate: change from scientific management to strategic approach, change from hierarchy to personnel, and change from following general rules to client focus. As the change from public administration to new public management change their theoretical assumptions, their perception of roles of the public sector and the ways that the public sector should operate, but not only change in name, so it is a decisive change.

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