The Great Bear And Eight Of Vessels Essay examples

The Great Bear And Eight Of Vessels Essay examples

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In the future section, The Great Bear and Eight of Vessels (Rebirth) were the cards I found most relevant to Bruce Wayne’s story arch. As I explained, The Great Bear represents a stage where a hero is laid to rest so they can be reborn. The card came up in the future section, and I took this to mean that sometime in the near future, Bruce will find what he needs to make it out of the crypt from the card and improve his personal life. The Eight of Vessels (Rebirth) appeared to also reference this rebirth that Bruce will undergo to be able to move on with his life. Because of this, I found the reading to be a positive one. I assumed that the reference to this future rebirth meant Bruce will be born again as something other than the Batman, and this will allow him to move on with his life. The cards showed no sign of Bruce’s future Death, so I took this as a sign that Bruce would indeed make it past this new stage in his life. This, along with the overall positive representations in the future section, led me to my interpretation that Bruce would succeed in his final journey and would b...

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