The Great Awakening Was A Significant Event That Drove History During The Period Of The Revolutionary Era

The Great Awakening Was A Significant Event That Drove History During The Period Of The Revolutionary Era

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The Great awakening was a significant event that drove history during the period of the Revolutionary Era. Johnson mentioned a great deal about the Great Awakening however, Zinn did not mention it at all. Johnson stated that it was hard to define and while it was happening it did not have a name. He also wrote that “it proved to be of vast significance, both in religion and in politics” (pg. 110). The awakening was centered on religion and gave the people at the time the opportunity for education, Johnson wrote “Great Awakening was the provision of some kind of basic education in the frontier districts and among rural communities which as yet had no regular schools.”
Other hand, Zinn focus was not on the religious development of the country, but rather the war and the effects it had on the people. He wrote about the Seven Years War and Pontiac’s conspiracy. Seven Years War did not help the people, if anything it made their situation worse, Zinn wrote “A newspaper editor wrote about the growing “Number of Beggars and wandering Poor” in the streets of the city.” He also wrote that “In Boston, the lower classes began to use the town meeting to vent their grievances,” the war ultimately was not beneficial to the ordinary people (pg.60). Zinn also mentioned the Pontiac’s conspiracy where the Indians united to make was on the British western forts. The British fought back and burned their villages, but this did not discourage the Indians. Moreover, Johnson and Zinn have valuable points on this era, but different perceptive on the type of information they wanted to portray.
In addition to the factors that drove the Revolutionary Era was the tension between British North America and Britain. From Johnson’s point of view, the ...

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...ocracy for the people and how the citizens get to choose their representatives. He also discussed the fact that the Constitution had many parts that are the national, the local and State legislation. He went further to discuss that each part of the Constitution have independence in each department and it was basically created so the government does not abuse their power over the people. Madison wrote that each section of the Constitution was made in the interest of the public rights and it depended on the people.
The material covered in unit two from the Great Awakening to the Revolution and the development of the constitution, in my opinion both authors, developed each of their arguments well. But Zinn argument raised vital points to consider. He focus was not to just glorify America but rather more about the people who suffered to get American where it is today.

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