The Great American Victory Described in Robert Remini's The Battle of New Orleans

The Great American Victory Described in Robert Remini's The Battle of New Orleans

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Robert Remini tells the readers in “The Battle of New Orleans” that he wishes to educate his audience of the hard-hitting times our soldiers endured in this remarkable battle that made America the strong and independent country it is today. It is important to Remini to depict the heroic feats of Andrew Jackson “who became a symbol of what was best in American society” (Remini xi) because of his great leadership and determined heart.
The Battle of New Orleans was a great victory for America, during the War of 1812. What made it so glorious wasn’t just the bloodshed or the hard work, but it was that the British Army was of only superb soldiers, generals, and nothing less. The things that the British endured and the distance that these brave soldiers traveled was so amazing that when we defeated them, “… [Our] country’s greatness was truly earned.” (xii).
It was important that we won this battle so that we wouldn’t be walked all over as a country. Even though we had already passed the Treaty of Paris, the British were not acknowledging our rights as a country; and Europe, as a whole, didn’t have much respect for us either. After this win we started earning the respect we deserved as a united nation. The fact that the British were “violating American rights would not go unchallenged or unpunished.”(6). The battle and fight between the Patriots and the British army was on.
The British were the culprits that started this war. The fact that Britain and France were at war highly affected the start of the battle. “…the British were impressing American seaman to help fight the war against Napoleon”. They had been helping the Indians by giving them weapons and helping them “attack the frontier”, they hadn’t left our property and fort...

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...d understanding.” (11). Remini’s words paint a picture for me of a man with a kind and gentle heart filled with compassion and also a strict leader who had what it took to do whatever he could for the respect that his country deserved. These great qualities are what led Andrew Jackson to become president.
The Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and America’s First Military Victory was a book with lots of tedious details and exciting battles. I would have to say I enjoyed Robert Remini’s book for the most part. But the lengthy details made it very easy for me to lose interest. The reason why I enjoyed it was because you could feel his desire to prove his point and the passion for The Battle of New Orleans in his writing. I found reading about Andrew Jackson’s heroic feats fascinating and would overall recommend the book on to any history, battle loving reader.

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