Essay about The Great American Culture

Essay about The Great American Culture

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The American culture was brought about by the British in the 1600s, and since then the culture has adapted and rejected certain concepts. These acceptances and rejections have built what is now one of the largest growing countries in the world. Although one may think that American culture is a combination of freedom, diversity, and acceptance-- the horrifying fundamentals that truly portray the culture of the so called, “Land of the free” consist of beauty, corruption, and greed. These overwhelming fundamentals are commonly portrayed through Victoria Secret models, money, and awards.
For instance the American company, Victoria Secrets, has set the impossible standards for beauty as a fundamental of American culture through displaying their models in the media. The Victoria Secret models has publicized time after time that to be a “beautiful women”, one must diet and workout like them. Such as when Lily Aldrigdge said, “I ate a lot of organic salmon and vegetables. I couldn’t have worked harder – maybe I’m not as tiny as I used to be, but I’m womanly now and I’m proud of that.” Sinc...

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