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The Great American Cover Up Essay

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The Great American Cover-Up
One may hear the term “false flag” and not know that it’s a covert operation conducted by a government or other corporation in a way to make them seem like they were carried out by a different entity than who actually carried it out. You may hear that term and your brain automatically screams “Psycho!” or “Conspiracy theorist!”; but what you may not know is that people have uncovered hard evidence disproving official reports of recent terrorist attacks and our own government has also admitted that they have carried out false flag operations in the past. The greatest false flag operation in recent history took the lives of over 3,000 American lives on a September morning in 2001. That morning, an American entity saw fit to fly two airplanes into the World Trade Center, bomb the Pentagon, and blow up building 7 of the World Trade Center. Official stories have been recanted and amended and even our own president at the time, George W. Bush, refused to testify on the subject alone and under oath.
False flag events have been regularly used throughout recent history to further agendas against the communists by the Nazi’s, against the Vietnamese by the United States, and to begin the War on Terror in 2001 not to disarm a lunatic of his weapons of mass destruction (which was later admitted that he didn’t have), but for the purposes of obtaining oil. In 1933, Nazi troops set fire to the Parliament building, later known as the Reichstag Fire, and blamed the communists in order to eliminate them as political rivals so the Adolf Hitler could come to power. Another example occurred August 4, 1964 which later led to U. S. troops entering the Vietnam War. On this day, the U.S. claimed that Vietnamese forces attacke...

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...inting that our own government could possibly have something to do with these attacks that took the lives of over 3,000 people. There is evidence showing the possibility that the buildings were brought down at near free fall speed with the assistance from thermite traced back to U.S. labs and that there are many, many accounts that day from eyewitnesses stating to have heard explosions and there is even video evidence backing up these claims. Also, it is even believable that the attack on the Pentagon was staged and may not have occurred exactly how official stories explain. These are only a very few examples of why the official story should be questioned and why the American people should begin demanding answers from its government. History has shown us that governments are not against harming or framing their own people to further agendas when wanted badly enough.

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