Great Advantages in Learning a Second Language Essay

Great Advantages in Learning a Second Language Essay

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Bilingual Education is an enriched model of education where two languages and two cultures meet to create a unique quality school experience. Children who have been educated through such a model will be able to function in two languages and in two or more cultures, and will be better prepared to face up to the demands, the new millennium places upon us. Bilingual Education strives not only for bilingual proficiency, but also for high academic achievement and cross-cultural awareness. In Bilingual programs the instruction in two languages is carried out by native qualified and committed teachers who, plan their lessons together but, in teaching, keep the two languages distinct by adopting the “one person one language” approach. More than 150 studies conducted during the past 35 years consistently confirm the following advantages of Bilingual Education; More creative and flexible thinking Greater problem-solving and analytical skills Increased curricular achievement Superior academic and linguistic performance when compared to monolingual counterparts Ease in learning a third or fourth language Twice the enjoyment of reading and writing Advanced interpreting and translation skills Access to two or more cultures and worlds of experience Increased intercultural understanding, tolerance and respect for differences Raised self-esteem and confidence in social interactions Greater interpersonal skills Increased flexibility and adaptability to new situations and contexts Enhanced economic and employment benefits Easier population mobility from one country to another In addition, there are great advantages in learning a second language from very young; in pre-school years language is learned through play and enjoyment just as th...

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... also invited to assemblies. Some parents give a list of words in different languages to help the teacher communicate with the child. References , J. Cummins 1997, 2000, C. Baker 1996, 1998, F. Genesee 1997, 2000, V. Collier & W. Thomas 2002 Kathleen Marcos of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics, prepared by ACCESS ERIC with funding from the National Library of Education, This page was updated on Fri Nov 2 19:12:11 GMT 2001. Sheila M. Shannon University of Colorado at Denver, Madeline Milian University of Northern Colorado, Parents choose a dual language programme: A survey in Colorado) Adela Solis, Ph D, IDRA Newsletter by the Intercultural Development Research Association,, 1998.

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