Essay about The Great Achievements Of The Age Of Expansion

Essay about The Great Achievements Of The Age Of Expansion

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One of the greatest achievements of the Age of Expansion was the development of rational thought and philosophy. The Greek word “philosophia” means “ love of wisdom” and came to exemplify the exploration of how the world works and where is man’s place in it. Greek philosophers approached major life questions in scientific and mystic ways. The work of Greek philosophers sparked debate in the realm of reason and logic. Many of the theories formed in this era were diverse and often did not reach consensus. Ancient Greek philosophers have played an important role in the shaping of the western philosophical tradition
In the 7th century BCE, the cities of Ionia were the cultural and intellectual leaders of Greece. Miletus was the wealthiest of these cities and a an important city in the “Ionian Awakening”, which combined the beginning of the classical Greek civilization and the birth of Greek philosophy (Violatta,). Thales of Miletus was considered to be the first philosopher in 600 B.C. He developed the idea that the world had evolved through natural processes. Thales began the promotion of the idea that evolution had been all natural, and not guided by god. He believed that the everything in the world came from water. He was the first to question the origins of the world and many philosophers after him would attempt to answer the same question while criticizing those who came before him. Greek philosophical tradition broke away from the mythological approach of understanding the world and attempted to use reasoning and evidence instead. Considered the founder of the school of natural philosophy, he heavily questioned the origins of matter. The rejection of traditional religious explanations founded the Milesian school. This school fo...

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...debated. Ancient Greek philosophy focused on the role of reason and inquiry. The important concepts in early Greek philosophy include the conscious development of logic, man’s understanding of his world and the rational laws that govern it, the consistent questioning of the world and the acceptance that nothing is beyond investigation. The work on human-centered and rational thought throughout this time period is extremely influential to many of the ideas and problems of modern day society. The Greeks have proven time and time again that the same problems can be attacked from a number of differing ways. The unfamiliarity and uncharted territory approached by these philosophers proves that there are endless possibilities and ideas that are yet to be discovered. The ideas of this time period had an important influence on modern day philosophy, science, and technology.

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