Essay about Graphic Novels : Books And Writing

Essay about Graphic Novels : Books And Writing

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Graphic novels are great books to use when trying to get children into reading. They are the kinds of books that utilize both illustrations and words to tell stories. The images within graphic novels give an overview of what is happening in the story and encourage children to read the book to find out more about the story. Graphic novels are also fast paced which gets children to quickly move along in the storyline without slowing down. With all their energy, books with slow-growing climaxes and drawn out storylines would not grab the attention of young energetic children. However, graphic novels are a way to remedy that issue as they reach out to children 's interests and need for speed. Illustrations within graphic novels reinforce instead of replacing the language. In graphic novels, the illustrations and words work together to bring about the story. You cannot just look at the images to understand things, you need to read the words within the pages to understand what is going on throughout the story. Graphic novels are also good at placing illustrations in a way that draws the reader 's attention to the words on each page. The best graphic novels have amazing illustrations and clear dialogue that work well together in creating the story all the while impacting a child 's life and adding to their growing vocabulary. Some graphic novels, even tackle complex themes and challenge children to go beyond their current reading level.
When I think about the graphic novels, I think about movies of popular television shows where the stories are fast paced and filled with excitement and drama. It is hard to concentrate on reading stories that do not feel like they are moving anywhere with their long-extended descriptions and details of...

... middle of paper ...

...ildren enjoying reading. When I was a child, sometimes I got into reading graphic novels or comics that I found interesting in the library, but I mainly stuck to novels that were short and interesting, not drawing things out with pages and pages of descriptions. In high school, I got into manga through my friends and love for anime. Eventually, I learned that there were graphic novels on Shakespeare plays which I wish I read, they would have made things more understandable when I was analyzing plays for English. Even now, on occasions, I enjoy reading manga on my free time cultivating my love for reading. If I were to teach children, I would keep a wide range of books in the classroom library from graphic novels to short stories and picture books. Graphic novels are a great way to get children to enjoy reading even though they may dislike reading or are too energetic.

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