Graphic Design Of The Newspaper Advertisement

Graphic Design Of The Newspaper Advertisement

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Newspaper The readers of the papers are those individuals above the age of 40. The newspapers remain the best option for reaching these individuals particularly those in office work.
The advertisement will provide the graphic design of the MacBook, outlining the key features, the place of purchases and the price. The Size of a newspaper advert significantly influences the success of the campaign. For our promotion to be successful, we will use a full page, three-quarter or even a half page to catch the attention of the reader quickly.
The newspapers advert will run for an interrupted daily occurrence for two weeks. After that, the adverts will be appearing twice in a week preferably on Wednesday and Sunday.
The approx. the cost for a single newspaper advert ranges from $500-$113,000 depending on the size of the advert.

Magazines Magazines attract an audience of the age of 12 to that of 35. The majority of these are educated and have a higher purchasing power. Besides, they have a penchant for the trending products.
The Magazine advert will comprise of a quality design of the unique specifications of the product providing the audience with an insatiable desire for the products. The advert will occupy either a full or a half page of the first pages of the magazine to enable an enormous number read it. It will also be accompanied with catchy phrases. The advert will appear in every publication of the magazine for a three months period.
The approx. Cost of the advert ranges from $600- $250,000 per add.

Television Television remains one of the best avenues of attracting the attention of the youth. Virtually all teenagers spend their 2 hours daily in watching the television. The television can also tar...

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...ion to 20 $ million.

Billboards and Pamphlets These will target the public particularly in the streets and in the big cities. The Billboards will be erected in the major towns where there is a high population of people. They will consist of superb designs, unique traits, and the price. The pamphlets will be given to individual in streets to read for themselves.
The Billboards have a long duration and capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions. They will thus be in a position of marketing the MacBook widely. The pamphlets also have the capacity of reaching a significant high population of people.
The Pamphlets would be issued out during the initial stages of the promotion to ensure there is a greater percentage if people were aware of the MacBook products. The approx.. cost will be around $5 million for both the Billboards and the pamphlets.

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