Essay on Graphene: Properties, Applications and Synthesis Methods

Essay on Graphene: Properties, Applications and Synthesis Methods

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Graphene has received great mass media coverage since Geim and Novoselov published their foundlings about monocrystalline graphitic films in 2004, which won them the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. (Novoselov et al, 2004) It has been described as the wonder substance or super material by the mass media, not only because it is the thinnest material ever known and the strongest ever measured, but also due to its excellent electrical, thermal, mechanical, electronic, and optical properties. It has high specific surface area, high chemical stability, high optical transmittance, high elasticity, high porosity, tunable band gap, and ease of chemical functionalization which helps in tuning its properties (Geim et al, 2007) Moreover, graphene has a multitude of amazing properties such as half-integer room-temperature quantum Hall effect (Novoselov et al, 2007), long-range ballistic transport with almost ten times greater electron mobility than that of silicon, and availability of charge carriers that behave as massless relativistic quasi particle, known as Dirac fermions. (Geim et al, 2007) The outstanding electrical conductivity and the transparency and flexibility of graphene-based material have led to research and development of some future technologies, such as flexible and wearable electronics. In addition, graphene can also be used for efficient energy storage materials, polymer composites, and transparent electrodes. (Geim et al, 2007) This paper presents a
brief overview on the structure and some properties of graphene, along with a presentation of graphene synthesis method and various applications.
Graphene refers to a single layer of graphite, with sp2 hybridized carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal...

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