Grandparents Have A Family Crisis At Hand Essay

Grandparents Have A Family Crisis At Hand Essay

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In Casper and Bianchi’s Grandparenting reading, grandparents have always been portrayed as heroic figures that come to the rescue whenever there’s a family crisis at hand. The family dynamic has become more diverse where now you’ll see grandparents co-parenting or completely raising their grandchildren. While young black adults believe grandparents should have a parental role in rearing grandchildren, young white adults oppose to the idea. They believe the role of parenting should only be the parent and that grandparents should only maintain contact. Grandparenthood has changed to where grandmothers are increasingly outliving grandfathers.
Cherlin and Furstenberg’s study conducted three types of grandparenting styles: detached, passive, and active. The older grandparents are, the less likely they’ll interact with their grandchildren. Factors such as geographic distance and family structure play a significant role in grandparent-grandchild relationships. In my family, my sister’s daughters live in very close proximity to my parents. Although my father is older than my mother, he is physically more active with my nieces than my mother due to health problems.
In Cherlin and Furstenberg’s Stepfamilies in the United States article, approximately one-third of Americans will remarry. Women who marry very young or are divorced are more likely to remarry. Unfortunately for older women and single women with many children, they’re less likely to not only be remarried but the chances of being married are limited. Out of all race and ethnicities, white women were highly found to remarry within five years of being separated from their spouse. When it comes to cohabitation, divorced people substitute it for remarriage.
The dynamic around st...

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...f what grandparents are more likely to suffer from when raising grandchildren.
Furnstenberg’s interview on the group of inner city black youths made me think about my older brother, Kevin. We share the same perspective on fathers just like the youths from the interview. “Fatherhood is earned rather than accorded by birth or marriage.” My brother’s biological father left his life when he was an infant. When my parents married and came to America, my father took on the role of being a father to Kevin. The connection between them blossomed into a father-son relationship. There were rough times when my brother would say “you’re not my father” to my father whenever they’d get into arguments. My father has never labeled Kevin as his “stepson”, but as his own child. My siblings and I have also never classified Kevin as our “stepsibling” but as our biological big brother ☺

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