Grandparents Are Your Best Of Friends Essay

Grandparents Are Your Best Of Friends Essay

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Grandparents are your best of friends, and the most kindness person you would ever meet. They love and care about their granddaughters very much. Children enjoy spending time with their grandparents because they are full of stories and always seem to have candy or cookies with them. Children are always excited about their grandparents visiting especially on holidays and birthdays. They hoped that one day they would see their granddaughters grow up and make a difference in the world. In the long run, their life was turned upside down, and they never get to see that day come to pass. One day they are here, and then they are gone, leaving you behind wondering what you could have done to keep them longer.
First of all, my great-grandmother Akosua, was not just an ordinary woman. She was the most talented, adventurous, friendly and joyful person. When grandmother Akosua was younger, she traveled around countries serving her famous cuisine to workers in isolated places. During those days, there were not any cars, so she had to walk by foot crossing boarder to boarder, entering into other lands. She would take three months journey to other native lands, to sell food to workers. When her food finished, she would stay with the workers to cook for them. After she stayed with them for a while, she would take another three months journey back home. She says “You would think that the trip back home would be short but it never is.” Since she traveled most of the times, she always had a good story to tell her grandchildren and neighbors when she returned.
My grandmother was always trying new things and going beyond her limit. She had the kindness of heart that loved giving and helping people anyway she could. When people came to her in the mar...

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...y can’t death come for me?” Two months before she died, she started telling me that my father is coming to take us to someplace new. I thought she was talking crazy again so I did not take it serious because she started seeing and communicating with dead people. Sometimes she would say things like “We are hungry or we need more food.” When it was her time to die, she did not know that her time had come. It was a normal day like any other day, we left to go to a wedding, three hours later we got a call that she had died, and we rushed home immediately. My grandmother died at age 60 and we were sad that she had to leaving so soon. I mourned for several days because we were close and she never got to see me come to America like she predicted, but I know she was finally at peace. I know she can see me now more clearly than ever and she is probably rejoicing up in heaven.

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