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The Grand Valley Surgical Center is funded by patient payments, healthcare insurance and government health plan reimbursement and they have been successfully operating for sixteen years. The long-term goals of the organization are:
• To continue to grow volume to reach seventy percent utilization and to expand hours and physical space
• To continue to expand services offered
• To develop a succession plan for retiring or aging surgeons or physicians
• Bring on new surgeons
• Keep up with technology and equipment (have the best technology and equipment available)
• Convert to electronic health records and upgrade the business accounting software and reporting software
The marketing of the Grand Valley Surgical Center is handled by the Board of Governors and then passed onto Betsy Radca, Administrator to implement. Last year the Grand Valley Surgical Center worked with Ryan/Sawyer Marketing to develop a Marketing Strategy (included in job description tab). In order to continue to grow and thrive as an organization the facility must achieve five critical success factors, which are:
1. GVSC must achieve a maximum effective use of its facilities.
2. GVSC must attract surgeons who not only use the facilities often, but also efficiently.
3. GVSC must continue to attract top surgeons as investors and owners of GVSC.
4. GVSC must stimulate a continuous stream of referrals from the primary care physician community.
5. GVSC must continue to grow and position itself into the ‘GO TO’ ASC of the region.
The target market for the marketing strategy implemented are local surgeons, local referring physicians and informed patients who live outside of the immediate Grand Valley. Therefore, to reach the local surgeons, the GVSC Board of Governors wil...

... middle of paper ... these types of positions really involve.
The internship provided the opportunity to construct a summative project, analyze appropriate data and deliver a well-organized oral presentation in front of my peers. During this marketing project and in my normal role I use critical thinking and communication skills. These skills and knowledge fit with the university and course objectives since the goal of the project was to clearly and persuasively present to surgeon’s surgery schedulers that the Grand Valley Surgical Center was the best place for the patient and their surgeon.
I would love to continue working at the Grand Valley Surgical Center because I have the opportunity to continuously learn new things. Even though it is a small organization there is always opportunity to learn more about the other positions in the organization as well as the operations as a whole.

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