Grand Strategy : An Intellectual Architecture Of State 's Foreign Policy

Grand Strategy : An Intellectual Architecture Of State 's Foreign Policy

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Grand strategy is an intellectual architecture of state’s foreign policy. There is an ongoing debate on the relevance of the notion of grand strategy. On the one hand, it should be reasonable for all the states to conduct their foreign policies with a clear and functioning grand strategy. On the other hand, there is a belief that countries cannot craft (construct, create, design) grand strategies because it is too complicated, expensive and hardly achievable. In my essay, I will argue that superpowers should always have a grand strategy in order to manage their foreign policies, but small and less powerful countries do not have a capability to create grand strategies for themselves. My work will be structured in the following way. Firstly, with the help of some academics in the field, I will define a grand strategy in order to show how I understand this concept and how I will be using it in my work. Secondly, I will show how a grand strategy is different from the traditional strategy and what the elements of grand strategy are. Thirdly, with the use of relevant historical examples, I am going to affirm that it is essential for superpowers to design a coherent grand strategy to achieve long-standing security, peace and prosperity. Lastly, I will explain why smaller states are unable to constitute such strategies.
Debate about the definition of grand strategy
Various academics and political scientists define the term “grand strategy” in different ways. There is a view that the term should only be understood in military realms. Lukas Milveski, who argues that the term is overused, shares this conviction. He affirms that the term has emerged in the era of maritime thinkers (such maritime thinkers as Mahan Juliann Corbett were the fi...

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... Newspapers and conspiracy theories also exacerbated the issue and it has become illegal to be communist in the United States. After the II World War, the issue around communism has reached its peak. The campaign was called the “Second Red Scare” – and it was a political repression again all supposed communists, their influence on American institutions and political parties. The careers of many governmental officials and employees had been severely damaged because the American government was very suspicious and has not frequently blamed people for nothing. This policy was receiving large portions of criticism and later many of the laws implemented at that time have been declared unconstitutional (for example “Levering Oath” law in California in 1967). However, such strategy has also been successful because it has reached the initial aim of the American government.

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