Essay on The Grand Old Party

Essay on The Grand Old Party

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The Republican Party is at risk of losing their legitimacy with the general public. The biggest issue for the party is not only its uncompromising partisan values, but the negative campaigning, platforms and public ideations. Granted, the name Conservative was given to the party for a reason; however, the Republican Party’s alienation of moderates and independents, as well as modern societal values, will not further them in the polls or in “conserving” their principles. What the Grand Old Party (GOP) needs is a broader political perspective and a more positive platform presence.
As the people’s faith in the media has decreased over time, so has their faith in Congress. Ansolabehere and Iyengar’s Going Negative suggests that this lack of trust is affected by the “tabloidization” of media, including the “superficial” appearance of political campaigns and ads (Going Negative 37-38). Going Negative also states that political television/media ads focus competitively on the personal lives of the opposing candidates, rather than informing the people on matters of public policy (Going Negative 37-38). This limited informational perspective, and reliance on demeaning the public image of the opposing candidate has worked in the past; but how well does it work beyond the partisan voter?
With the use of one-advertisement studies, Ansolabehere and Iyengar found political campaign ads to strengthen the loyalties of partisans. Additionally, they found party candidates to be more successful in supporting the topics of their own party platform. (Going Negative 64) Experimental results showed the authors that Republican viewers considered negative ads more helpful and effectively persuasive than positive commercials. Independents shared a similar...

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