Essay about The Grand Father Of Modern Dentistry

Essay about The Grand Father Of Modern Dentistry

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Some people are put in this earth to make a difference. To bring something new in a way that we as humans can evolve. Green Vardiman Black better known as “The Grand Father of Modern Dentistry” is one of them.
G.V. Black was born on a farm near Winchester, Illinois on August 3, 1836 to William and Mary Black. He was not much in to the farm life, and he would not work on the farm. He showed very little interest wen it came to school. G.V. Black felt that going to school was a waste of time. He believe that he could learn more in the woods in a day then a whole week sitting in a classroom. He prefer the wild-life and nature studies and also to wander through the woods. Black enjoyed fishing , hunting, foxes, wild turkeys, deer, skunks, and wolves. All of that help developed his keen sense of observation and also an analytical mind. But to his father he regarded him as lazy and stupid for thinking that way. His mother on the other hand understood him and she had him help her out around the kitchen. After seven years on the farm Black was sent to go live with his older brother, who was eleven year his senior. Thomas Black, was a physician who graduated from Louisville Medical College, he enjoyed lucrative practice. Tom was a good teacher, a preceptor to Green. The boy often visited his parents in the countryside. He was very well liked by boys and girl, and he was very popular among them. He also had a very active life in the community. He was even tempered and loved music, played the double-bass viol, the flute as well, and the violin. Black loved and enjoyed taking part in the family singing.
At the age of seventeen Black decided to study medicine and after 4 years he gain knowledge in anatomy and medicine. Black would had fol...

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...received many award. He had won the 'Miller Prize '. Black joined the Missouri Dental College and was also awarded the 'Doctor of Science”. In 1866 Black joined the Missouri State Dental Society. He serve as president from 1870 to 18171. And from 1870 to 1880 he lecture regularly in pathology, history and operative dentistry. Black pass way 1915 he was a dean at the Northwestern University Dental School.
In conclusion some people are put in this earth to make a difference a boy that would not work in a farm, that would not got to school because he believe it was a waste of his time. That find way on his own to educated himself. He became dentistry 's leading scientist. And his role in the development and growth of the formal dental education is worthy of praise. Some people are made to help us evolve as human to me Green Vardiman Black did that and much more.

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