Essay about Grammar Is Helpful With Writing And Speaking

Essay about Grammar Is Helpful With Writing And Speaking

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Grammar is helpful with our writing and speaking, however; the methods used to teach it often left me confused on how to use the rules correctly. Many experts have reasoned that Grammar being taught in a formal way doesn’t add to the learner’s development of grammar and I must agree. Throughout my education, grammar classes with rules and worksheets have enlightened me on how to use grammar, however; I often struggle with applying it to my writing. I believe grammar classes shouldn’t exist rather writing classes should. The focus of the writing class would be on improving the ideas of the student to write and then as the writer gets more confident in releasing their ideas than the person mistakes with grammar should be explained.
In the two articles, they both focus on the writing rather than the grammar. Linda Christensen and Patrick Hartwell both make points about how teaching grammar can hold back students’ ideas. However, Christensen says in her article that, “We must teach our students how to match subjects and verbs, how to pronounce lawyer, because they are the ones without power and, for the moment, they have to use the language of the powerful to be heard (Christensen).” She makes a valid point because if we don’t teach grammar altogether then we can’t communicate and have our voices be heard. Rather, she explains that, “English teachers must know when to correct and how to correct---and I use that word uneasily (Christensen)…” It’s important for students to see the value of following the rules and that is why teachers need to enlighten students, yet teachers must focus on improving the content and then improve the students’ grammar. Christensen throughout her article is trying to prove that there is an overemphasis on ...

... middle of paper ... we write instead our thoughts should be.
Without grammar, our writing or speaking would lack the power to sound professional, but grammar rules can often lead to confusion and struggles with how to apply them as well. Linda Christensen and Patrick Hartwell offer personal instances or studies that demonstrate overemphasis on grammar rules don’t help the students but hinder them and as a student I agree. Grammar rules and worksheets have been a part of my education but I have often felt that I know the rules but not how to apply them. Instead of separate grammar classes, I think writing and grammar classes should become one. This way the students wouldn’t feel that they need to worry about grammar right away rather they focus on expressing their ideas and gradually the rules be introduced with an emphasis on the mistakes that the students are making in their writing

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