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1. The committee submits its data this weekend, which it expects, will help its church.
2. She said the company failed to earn enough to repay their loans, and she does not expect them to reopen.
3. The jury reached their verdict at 1 a.m. concluding that the media was guilty of libeling the restaurant and their twenty-two employees.
4. The decision allowed the city council to postpone their vote for a week, and they suggested that the sites developer design a plan to save more of it’s trees.
5. A representative for the organization said they help anyone that is on welfare obtain some job training and raise their self esteem.
1. The womens car was parked nearby, and sheriffs deputies asked to see the owners drivers license.
2. The juror said she opposes assisted suicide “because a doctors job is to save peoples lives, not end them.”
3. Last years outstanding teacher insisted that peoples complaints about the schools problems were mistaken.
4. Manvel Jones parents said there younger childrens teacher earned her bach...

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