Gram, Can I Have A Cookie? Essay

Gram, Can I Have A Cookie? Essay

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“Gram, can I have a cookie?”
Is there anyone who doesn’t remember saying his or her version of that at least once? And the end result... a tin full of the best homemade cookies you have ever tasted in your life! It was her way; she was a second mother to us all. If you had a problem or a need for a place to stay, you went to visit – sometimes for an extended period of time, mind you – to Grams. Upon talking to people, I’ve jotted down a bit of verbal memorabilia so to speak, about the grandest lady I have ever met.
I learned almost from the very second I took my first step just how easy it was to sneak over to her house. Mom was never concerned about us in those days; she knew exactly where to look if she needed to find us.
Gram was the ideal grandmother; she was exactly how a person pictures a grandparent to be. Her gentle wisdom and patience, her experiences of the past proved to each and every one of us that with the same pioneer spirit that she exuded, and with a strong faith in God, you could make it under any circumstance. She may not have talked about much but her actions said it all for her.
Let’s start at the beginning. She was the consummate babysitter. Having at least one grandchild around at any given time was not uncommon. When I was very young, I practically lived over there. My parents worked and we were shipped daily to Grams. All day long, she would either be in the kitchen, outside doing laundry, or tending to stock, aka the pigs and / or chickens. We would spend all day long hovering around her, watching her, giving her our rendition of “help”, and all around being a general nuisance. But did she ever complain? Not that I ever heard. In fact, we were with her so much, we didn’t even want to go home at ...

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...d I haven’t. In well over a year, even though it wasn’t always on Thursday, I have not missed a single week to see her. Even at the end in the hospital, I was there I believe for her last moments. I feel she knew I made it for yet one more time. Before I left, I tried valiantly – but without success – to hold back the tears that welled up, brimmed out and rolled down my cheeks. I touched her shoulder, that precious shoulder I have hugged for a good many years, and I whispered to her, “I didn’t miss a week, Gram.”
Thursday wasn’t my exact day to visit in the last few weeks but it had been for several years. And I know… I know… that each and every one from now on will be full of reminiscing.
The memories, the precious, beautiful memories… we all have them of her.
You are unforgettable lady, Lena Clark, and I know that I will never, ever stop missing you.
God bless.

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