Graduation Speech : Vice Co Competition Director And Long Distance Running / Walking Assistant Of The Eastern Fall Sectional

Graduation Speech : Vice Co Competition Director And Long Distance Running / Walking Assistant Of The Eastern Fall Sectional

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I was appointed co-competition director and Long Distance Running/ Walking assistant of the Eastern Fall Sectional for the Special Olympics being held at East Stroudsburg University on October 2, 2016 – October 3, 2016. First I would like to say how much of an honor it was to actually make a difference for the athletes and coaches, it truly was a great experience. I also had a blast working with everyone to really bring everything together, and it is something that will really help me in the long term to really understand everything that goes into planning such an important event.
It was really touching getting to see all the athletes have a great time at the event as well. Seeing as they are the most important people there for the event, it’s why we did everything we did. You want to make sure they have a great time while they are at this sectional. When talking to some of the athletes prior to the date of the Special Olympics, you really got to understand why the Special Olympics mean so much to them. It’s great for them to make friends and everlasting memories. It was even preached to us in the meetings leading up to the event that the most important thing is to cheer on the athletes.
Organizational Structure
Division of Labor
The Organizational structure starts at the top with Michelle Boone, who was the Eastern Fall Sectional Director. She was the person that all of us would go to for questions or we would go to Nora Wade who would relay the message to Michelle. Michelle defined everybody’s job tasks in the first handout located in the appendix. During the event Michelle had a walkie so that we could contact her at anytime throughout the event (appendix, 1).
Next would be Nora Wade who was the Event Director. Nora w...

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...personal skills. Running this event forces you to step out of your comfort zone and to talk and interact with others, and this really improved my skills. The Context of this course has helped me understand the good and bad ways to manage. Its also makes me look at my managers at my current place of employment. It really opens your eyes because you can how bad most of them are to me in my opinion. It makes me question how they’ve lasted in the position so long. This project also aided me because it makes you understand and think about all the things that may be missed or an after thought. The context in class as showed me the best way to plan as well and its something that I never really thought about prior to this class. This class and the Special Olympics project of both been very beneficial and knowledgeable, and both have actually been great experiences for me.

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