Graduation Speech : The Dream Of A Successful Career Essay examples

Graduation Speech : The Dream Of A Successful Career Essay examples

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Today, students in all grade levels seem not to care, especially teenagers. Have they lost their vigor and inspiration to absorb all that they are able in their first unofficial career? Essays are left unfinished, homework untouched, and many questions passively unanswered. Today’s youth, when provoked with schooling, spit fire at instructors whenever they attempt to deliver an education, something that holds little importance to the students. Instructors now wear a cloak of dismay as they attempt to lead students in the ways of the scholarly and academic, a tier reached by going above and beyond the line of duty, and are written off as something resembling a slave driver. Without the education that is neglectfully dreaded by students, the ideal dream of a successful career is nearly unattainable. Although this apathetic mindset has infected youth like a disease, some students continue to conquer conquered it and perform their scholarly work with great effort and determination. With the proper mindset and motivation, even the academic apathy that is displayed throughout schools abroad can be cured.
Although John H. Bishop (1989) reveals that “the fundamental problem is our uncritical acceptance of institutional arrangements that do not adequately recognize and enforce student effort and achievement” (p. 7), apathy could be due to the background and ethics of the student, such as an upbringing that developed neither aspirations, nor life and career oriented goals. As his claim stands, scholarly institutions may in fact be on the brink of exhaustion from combating this threat to the future of society as a whole. In the same aspect, Foster Walsh (2006) believes that the cliché phrase “ 'I don 't care '” (p. 11), when spoken by a stu...

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...the “self-loathing behaviors and thoughts” that feed the cycle (“How to Stop Being Apathetic”, para. 16). Only afterwards can the student “design a route that works for [them]” and execute it to become an successful and intuitive student (“How to Stop Being Apathetic”, para. 23).
Although apathy has presented itself to institutions as a problem both degrading of efforts and grades and difficult to understand, it can be eliminated. Instructors must take their own part in the preservation of scholarship and the importance in good grades for all students, not only the child prodigies and Einsteins of the classroom. The student has a role to play as well as no apathetic student will truly care without changing their own mindset. Apathy has brought itself to the forefront of educational issues and will continue to be an major issue until each student and instructor cares.

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