Graduation Speech : The College Experience Essays

Graduation Speech : The College Experience Essays

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The college experience is something that many students have planned on for years. However, what exactly makes up the college experience. There are the student organizations, internships, and the classes. The classes a student takes are laid out for the most part by the institution. The student must take a list of classes that may or may not apply to their chosen career path. In order for the student to graduate, they are required to complete a certain number of classes that is equal to a particular number of college credit hours. These college credit hours are a representation of the measure of a student’s knowledge. Once the student has reached the number preselected by their institution, they are able to graduate from their school. However, this dated model does not take into account that some students will come to college or have internships during their college experience that have already prepared them for their chosen career or at least part of their career. There are some institutions that are making efforts to grant students college credit hours. In this paper, I will summarize an article from The Chronicles of Higher Education, provide criticism regarding the article, and attempt to answers some of the questions that were raised with the help of additional articles.
In the article, “How Do You Measure a Good Teacher, Anyway?” by Leonard Cassuto, Cassuto addresses the problem of being a teacher of an online course and the awarding of credits based on experience. Cassuto tackles two major points of education, the value of the credit hour and how the learning process is done through an online course. To do this, Cassuto follows Arthur Levine, a non-traditional educator that has teamed up with the Massachusett...

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...heir development. These additional articles begin to answer some of the questions that I raised after reading and analyzing the article, “How Do You Measure A Good Teacher, Anyway?” by Leonard Cassuto.
In this paper, I have summarized an article from The Chronicles of Higher Education, provided criticism regarding the article, and provided some answers to the questions raised from the article with the assistance of additional articles. With this paper, I have also added to the conversation regarding distance education and provided ways in which this is currently being incorporated into classrooms across the United States, provided ways in which professors can still engage with students, and some of the problems that competency-based learning attempts to answer with the problem of not being adequately prepared for the “real-world” after the degree is completed.

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Graduation Speech : The College Experience

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