Essay on Graduation Speech : Taking Education Seriously

Essay on Graduation Speech : Taking Education Seriously

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Taking Education Seriously
The alarm clock rings its 6 o’clock and time to get ready for school. There is another long day ahead full of material to be covered, and plenty of work to take home at the end of the day. Children all over Peshawar will soon be arriving to their school The Army Public School. The day starts off as any other, students meet outside of the building to socialize with friends. Finally, the bell rings calling students to their classrooms. The rooms in this building are small and tattered, but will suffice for the education these students receive. The teachers begin the day by taking roll. Next, the teachers dive into their lesson plans; beginning with English as the most important subject in school alongside math, and science. If a visitor was to stop by this school they would notice how silent the halls are, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Inside the classrooms they would be astounded at how focused and attentive students are to their work and their teachers instructions. Students here would never imagine: coming to school with hardly any clothes on their bodies or their pants sagging- let alone walking out of the house looking like that. They don’t come to school to fight or disrespect staff; they come to school to learn and obtain the education needed so they can get out of poverty and support themselves and their families.
The bell rings yet again directing students to their next class. At approximately 10:30am a group of seven armed Taliban men break through the schools front doors disrupting the almost dead silence with their machine guns and AK-47s. The classes and offices in the front of the school are very aware of the situation and go into shelter in place. U...

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...ide of school. Still, they will return to school as if they were just out for vacation. I suppose it is the environment these students are being raised in at home. Are their parents engaged in their schooling; more times than not the answer to that would be “no”.
At the end of the day, the school district and teachers can only encourage parents to be more active in their students schooling by attending parent teacher conferences, checking their Child 's grades as often as possible, and having open communication with their students’ teachers. If there was one thing that students in public schools like mine should know it would be: to take pride in education, present yourself as you would want other people to perceive you, and realize that you have a freedom and right that millions of kids in third world countries don’t have. Live each day with a purpose.

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