Graduation Speech : Science Discipline Essay

Graduation Speech : Science Discipline Essay

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School has never been a breeze for me like many others; I struggled throughout my years of schooling, from elementary even up to my first years of university. Although at times it was disheartening, I believe these experiences are important, as they have helped shape me into the teacher I am today.
From as far back as I can remember science has always been one of my favorite subjects. Many reasoning’s being it came easy to me. In the lower grades when distinction of discipline was not present, I succeed at all aspects of science, but as I grew older this changed. After grade ten, I realized physics was not for me, and by grade eleven neither was chemistry. Biology was the only science discipline that I took in grade 12. The reason I took biology was not for the lack of interest in other sciences, but as it was my highest mark in comparison to any other subject. I believe this mark was because of my teacher, as her classes were very interesting and engaging. Once I got to the University of Lethbridge, microbiology was one of my hardest classes. How could there be such a large change from one year to the next? After that semester, I thought maybe biology wasn’t for me and decided to try another science disciplines. After my first geography class I was hooked. Although, I still find science interesting as whole, the study of the land was intriguing for me. Being able to actually see and interpret something’s purpose in the world was beneficial to my learning success.
Looking back on my schooling career, there are many different reasons I thrived in science. One reason was due to my learning style. I am a very visual, kinesthetic learner, which was fostered in the classroom by several of my science teachers. Science allowed for ...

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...s point in my professional development, I feel as though I need to be able to learn how to improve inquiry-based strategies, as well as, learn how to adhere to students diverse students needs. At this point in my career I have only been able to teach science at the elementary level. I found as though most students were very curious about the world and were very interested as to why things occurred. One challenged I feel I may be faced when teaching the older grades is students who have lost that natural curiosity. In my current professional development, I plan to learn the skills I need to combat this issue.

Throughout my teaching career, I will incorporate these strategies not only when teaching science, but every subject to increase students learning success. I will not only implement these strategies, but others, as my teaching philosophy is ever changing.

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