Graduation Speech : Pursuing A College Education Essay

Graduation Speech : Pursuing A College Education Essay

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In today’s society many people decide at a young age that further their education is the route that they want to go. In other cases, others decided that work is the only path to go. Having a college education is very important it might take time to complete, but it’s worth it. I always knew that I wanted a college education and I believe that everyone should explore his or her option. Having a higher education opens many doors and also gives you the opportunity to explore life-changing experiences. I believe that pursing a higher education is a great benefit that everyone should have.
Many students have different reason why they want to purse an online degree. In fact, I decided to go the online route and purse a college degree. When I graduated from High School I knew that I wanted a college degree and be the first in my family to finish school. I attended Community College for about two years and it’s been a great opportunity for me to continue school. My choices shortly change when I decided to join the military and make it a career out of it. I’ve been in active duty for abou...

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