Essay on Graduation Speech On Higher Education

Essay on Graduation Speech On Higher Education

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In today’s world, most good paying jobs require a college degree, which means the debate about higher education is no longer about higher education and its importance, or even the purpose of higher education. Social norms closed those debates by making a college degree a minimum requirement for landing a well-paying job. If individuals want a good life they have to get a good job and to get that job they need to have a college degree. Therefore, now the debate on higher education is whether or not general education courses should be required. With a money driven society, general education courses provide students with important skills that transfer well into the workforce. General education courses have many benefits such as; providing students with an educational foundation, helping students build job-related skills, and giving students time to decide what they want to major in.
General education classes may seem like a waste of time to many students, but the classes can provide a range of valuable skills. Jack Baker wrote an article on the benefits of general education classes and says that they should be required because “They produce students that can think, learn and excel in a number of areas, not just one particular field” (Baker). Baker is saying that by requiring general education classes, students acquire an educational foundation that will help them in classes later on. For example, in the article Baker talks about how a general education Biology course helped him better understand a concept being discussed in a philosophy class he took for his minor in philosophy. Although it may not always be clear, the concepts picked up in general education courses can be applied to various other areas of study. This overlap helps ...

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...nce later on. Students learn enough to connect the various ideas and concepts not only to other general education courses but more importantly to classes that pertain directly to their majors.
General education courses have a lot to offer; they provide students with an educational foundation on which they can continue to build on, help students build and refine job-related skills, and allow students to explore various areas of study to help decide what they want to major in. These courses also make every student;s college experience similar enough to give them similar ground, similar to how many high schools read the same books. By giving a large number of students a similar experience, they then have something to talk about with someone they may consider a complete stranger. General education courses have many benefits and shouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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