Essay on Graduation Speech On Academic Development

Essay on Graduation Speech On Academic Development

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While both goal setting and community building are important to become what I desire, a world class engineering student , another important factor and step is academic development. It may be apparent and expected that during college that goal setting and community building would be a thing; after all it does make sense that goals should be acknowledged and planned to an extent and it makes sense that you should get to know professionals and students alike. It may not be expected and it definitely wasn 't for me, but academic development is an important factors to success in college. Academic development is the progress and adjustment to the different walks of life in college and adjusting habits and practices used in former education, high school to habits and practices needed to succeed in college. Academic development will obviously differ person to person and will most likely differ vastly, though it is required in order to succeed. A successful, world class engineering student must learn to overcome the problems and challenges that college presents them and will utilize available resources provided by the university and college.
So far in college I have been faced with many academic challenges and I expected them and I would have to say I have faced these factors better than both goal setting and community building. One thing that I can say I have done successfully this year is worked on my study habits. Prior to college and at the beginning of the semester I did most of my work in my room and in college I have done most of it in my dorm. However, this was proving to not work very well, so I set out to change my study habits and force myself to go to the library and study there until I am done. While there are many different...

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... to do seems daunting and intimidating, I am confident that I can overcome that and get what needs to be done complete. By doing what is not only required of me but also what needs I want to do,, not only will I have much better chance for success but also the confidence to achieve in the future knowing that I have made it through college and that college has prepared me for the things to come. The reason for doing all this is not only to achieve success but to also achieve personal satisfaction. While making everyone proud of me and receiving a diploma and a job, none of that means anything to me if I am not happy as a person. I truly hope that my trials and tribulations today will not only pay off in the future monetarily but also satisfactorily and that they will set my career on me desired path, knowing that I successfully became a world class engineering student.

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