Graduation Speech : My Personal Philosophy Essay

Graduation Speech : My Personal Philosophy Essay

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Erin Gruwell once said, “Be the kind of people that have enough passion to change the world. If we let ourselves be fire, thunder, or lightning, we could alter everything.” This quote taken from “Teach With Your Heart” was directed towards the students of class 203, but to me it describes my personal teaching philosophy perfectly. I believe that every one of my students will be capable of reaching great heights in life if I am the fire under them. It will be my job, as their teacher, to motivate them and show them all that they can accomplish, after all our students are our future. I realize that not every student in my classroom will be eager to learn and I might encounter students that challenge me to the point of questioning why I went into the profession in the first place, but I will use those types of experiences to change the future of my students for the better. Eduardo, for example, would be one of those students. To help my students best to my ability it would be helpful to know what goes on outside of my classroom. Eduardo is a child with a culturally and linguistically diverse background. Throughout the school year I notice small behavior changes that could ultimately impact the rest of his life. It is my job, as his teacher, to steer him in the right direction early on and help him develop the passion he needs to be a world changer. I would help aid Eduardo through social, emotional and academic interventions.
Eduardo was heavily involved in his Hispanic drama club before transferring into my classroom. He is progressing in English and I even suspected him of being extremely gifted in the arts, but now he seems disinterested in the theater. The theater is a great way for individuals of any age to express emotions an...

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Eduardo has the power to be a world changer. With the appropriate interventions and assistance he can accomplish anything that he would want to. Being his biggest motivator I could be the fire he needs to get him back on track. His social, emotional and academic problems may seem like a burden to other educators, but to me, they are just small bumps in his road to success. Erin Gruwell may be one of the most influential teachers of all times and she never gave up on challenging students. “No matter what race we are, what ethnic background, sexual orientation, or what views we may have, we are all human” (Gruwell 2007). Remembering at the end of the day that we are all the same on the inside, makes my job as a future educator an easy one. Every one of my students will have different struggles but will all have the same opportunity to be a world changer.

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