Graduation Speech : My Parents ' Divorce Essay

Graduation Speech : My Parents ' Divorce Essay

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My parents’ divorce presented me with a difficult choice between entering public school or continuing my homeschool education. Although I loved being homeschooled and the freedom that accompanied it, I knew public school would push me academically and socially in ways homeschooling could not. Despite my vicious apprehension of facing real teachers and peers my own age, I chose to enter public high school as a freshman with no understanding of what school would entail. While homeschooled, I would wake up when I chose, wear sweat pants all day, and take breaks when I desired. I had never written an essay, sat quietly in a classroom for hours, listened to a lecture, or had a homework assignment. The adjustment to scheduled classes, short breaks, and being one of more than thirty students was overwhelming, and I struggled immensely my first semester. Even basic school tasks, which most would not even consider work, demanded a disproportionately large amount of my attention. This is perfectly exemplified by the simple and frustrating task of writing my name on assignments, a burden that took a laughably long amount of time for me to remember to do.
My success in high school can be attributed to my overwhelmingly powerful determination to prove to my friends, family, and myself I could succeed in public school and to the support of fantastic teachers. Many of my teachers accurately identified me as a struggling student who had a difficult time reading and no capacity for school work. They did their best to teach me the curriculum, but they never attempted to encourage me to try for more than a passing grade. If all of my freshman year teachers had treated me this way, I believe I would have never realized the degree of success I was ...

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...difference in students’ lives.
My overlapping goals to teach and work with underserved students fits perfectly with the goals and preparations of MUSE. I am intensely passionate about teaching English because, as I learned from my high school English teacher, it combines literature with critical thinking. I want the high school English classroom I teach in one day to be a place for students to discover self-identity, empathy, and self-expression--like I had the chance to do during high school with my exceptional teachers. My English class will be the foundation where students will learn to make judgements, understand opposing perspectives, and develop sound methods of argumentation. My goal in teaching English would be to promote these values my education has taught me, while giving students the needed support and guidance I know is pivotal for their success.

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