Graduation Speech : My Mother, The Baby, And The Great Grandmother Essay examples

Graduation Speech : My Mother, The Baby, And The Great Grandmother Essay examples

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On Thursday, March 24, 2016, I was able to meet with a mother who is enrolled within the Early Head Start program. The mother is wanting to receive services from CDR’s program, known as EHS in order to establish new ideas and utilize tools to help develop the baby’s learning and develop. Her daughter is a seven month old year baby who has been enrolled in the program for at least three weeks. Those present during the home visit was the mother, the baby, and the great-grandmother. The baby’s great grandmother was present for only about ten to fifteen minutes and removed herself from the living area. Also present, is one of the baby’s two sisters.
Purpose of the Session
This week’s home visit with the mother was to follow-up with last week’s visit, but also introduce more of the program’s curriculum and/or games and complete paperwork. My assumption is that the mother would not know what will be completed during the home visit since this the home visit in which the opportunity for her to participate is available. For me, as the ‘Family Consultant Intern,’ I wanted to make sure that the mother was able to experience how weekly home visits will continue even after I leave the program.
Initial observations of the Client
In the home, the environment was clean; free of toys and other objects, which is similar to the previous home visits. When I arrived, the members of the family were watching television and engaging in conversation with one another. The baby was in very happy mood sitting in her mother’s lap rocking back and forth. I was happy to see that the mother was there, although I had already contacted the mother in order to make sure that she was going to be able to attend the home visit.
Content of the Session
At the begin...

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...was completed once we hung up the phone. She seemed disappointed as well, but when I began to recapture some of those resources, she mentioned that she was able to see some of them.
Another part of the home visit that I did not expect to happen is the mother engaging in phone conversations during the visit. This happened about three times, I would usually fill in that time engaging with the child and then looking up at her for a few seconds in order to give her a clue or hint that I had something to say and try to tell here how many more minutes of the visit that we would have. I do not feel like I have given the mother enough detail about the program and what weekly will consists of, so maybe I will try to develop ways in which I can tactfully mention that being present home visits and engaging with her child is the most important thing she can do while I am there.

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