Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

Graduation Speech : My Life Essay

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Everyone has had a conflict with loved one’s, countless conflicts can be resolved while other’s turn into full on fights. My conflict had commenced during freshman year of high school with only my statement of desiring to visit Europe when I graduated; more specifically London and Paris. After all, my dad had traveled around the world with the military, my grandma voyages for fun, and even my mom had departed the U.S., so it was in my blood for the excitement of travel. However, Rob, my stepdad, hadn’t been on board with my proposal to go overseas, saying there was no way I’d be able to come up with the money and even if I did assemble the money I should put it towards college. Nonetheless, I saved every last dime I possessed and received a job at Gooseberries, and from the two years since working my objective of three thousand dollars was completed and with a few extra thousand stored away. As a result, all of my grueling work for earning the money and planning the trip was done and I travelled to Europe this previous July for two weeks without his consent.
To begin with, the major trigger of the conflict was how much I was “wasting” my money as Rob puts it. Ultimately, the entire voyage summed to around three thousand, and that covered everything; airfare, food, hotels, etc. Regardless, Rob would continually repeat “how the hell are you going to pay for college”, and in fairness I hadn’t told him of my plan to work overtime yet. I explained that I was aware of the costs of an education and that I’d work before heading off to college, and every holiday when I returned home. In spite of my resolution have how I’d earn money, I can understand why he was questioning my action to spend this much so quickly. For him growing...

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...eave. If I had known how against the idea he’d become, I would have had a meeting with my parents to tell them my whole arrangement of my trip to be successful that way everyone would understand that I had my criteria formulated. Then, before anyone would question it, tell them who I asked to join me, where I’d stay, what I’ll be doing, etc. Talking more about the situation can help ease the tension about the money situation, thus explaining that I’d work as many hours available to have extra money to put towards my future education. Hopefully, after the proposal they’d all be more informed of my journey, fully comprehending that this is for me to experience and that I’m paying for it not them. He might still have negative thoughts towards the subject, yet he’d rest easier knowing that I had a full proof strategy and not just waiting to see how things turned out.

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