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Graduation Speech : My Life Essay example

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Ding, dong, dong, ding, G, D, A, E. Those four notes have become engraved in my head. I have been playing the violin for the past 10 years; which when I come to think of it, it makes up almost half of my life. To this day in college I find myself getting lost in the passion for music my heart desires. After spending such a large fraction of my life on this hobby, I can finally say it is not just a hobby, but a part of who I am today. Without music, I would not exist as a whole. But it is not just notes and rhythms that make up the musical part of me, but experiences, coaches and inspirations, that allowed that part to grow and complete my life.
Now, I don not come from the most ideal background, financially speaking. Though not at the very bottom, I would consider my household to be on the lower end of the middle class. As a child from a low-income family, preschool and childcare programs seemed out of reach, much less playing an instrument.
Looking back, I can trace the origins of my musical interest to the winter concert my second grade year of elementary school. Every year, our elementary school would host a winter celebration in our tight gym. It was one of my favorite events of the year because we had the opportunity to watch the middle school choir and band perform and sing along to all the Christmas carols. However, that year was extra special. They had not only invited the band and the choir, but they had also brought the orchestra into the show. The best part about watching these ensembles was that they had the chance to show off the perks of playing their instruments. When the girl sitting in the first chair of the first row stood and rung her bow across the white part of the string, I couldn’t believe my ears. I had ne...

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... second violin; then within each section there are number rankings. Beginning with the first chair of the first row, they are all placed in order by skill and experience. Based on what we have now learned about string orchestras, we can assume that I was nowhere near the front of the orchestra. That is mainly because I did not have the privilege of private instruction. But I will never forget the faith Ms. Liu had in me. Especially during my years spent in middle school, I was able to improve greatly with the atmosphere I was within. Success stories from my friends provided the drive I needed to once again find my way up. In my final year in middle school, I was finally able to break the status quo. My much improved skills were finally recognized, and I was the only first stand who had never been provided with private lessons. In fact, I was the leader of my section.

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