Graduation Speech : My Favorite Teacher Essay example

Graduation Speech : My Favorite Teacher Essay example

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In my life, my favorite teachers were always the ones who taught lessons inside and outside the classroom. They taught us about our past, our language and the world around us for tests and quizzes while also teaching us how to navigate through life with their lessons that weren’t needed for our grades. For me, I wanted to be that kind of person. I knew I wanted to help others when they needed help, and I knew I wanted to do that as a teacher.
In the classroom, I want to be the same as most of the teachers I’ve had throughout high school, however, I also want to be different. My teachers often made the grades the priority of the class, and being in all honors and AP classes throughout high school, my classmates and I competed to be the best in the class, and get the highest grades. We compared our grades to each others, as our teachers told us the class averages and told how impressed or disappointed they were that the averages were that high or that low. I don’t think that’s the way teachers should structure their classes. I personally think that as a teacher, I should be able to...

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