Essay about Graduation Speech : My Career As A Lawyer

Essay about Graduation Speech : My Career As A Lawyer

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Our archway seminar was definitely much different compared to any other class I had ever taken. From the topic itself to how the class was ran, it was all very new. One thing that was brought to the class’s attention that I am surprised has not been taught before are the critical thinking standards and traits. These are great things to know for writing and research and I think in past high school classes they have implied these things but never quite said them outright. Knowing exactly what to be looking for and what aspects can be focused on for better writing and analysis of sources really helps and, of course, will be a great help throughout my career in college as I am sure I have plenty more papers ahead of me. Theses traits and standards will also be good to keep in mind as I go on to pursue my career as a lawyer because they can be directly translated into legal work.
One part I really enjoyed about our class was the group discussions we had about the readings we did and how we could have silent moments without the forceful need to answer if we needed to think about something for a bit. It was nice to talk as a group rather than just to the teacher and was more about sharing ideas and figuring stuff out rather than getting it right. This also allowed for the development of discussing topics without it turning into a fight to prove someone else wrong. Like I said before, it was more about the ideas and trying to understand the other person’s view while supporting your point using the standards we have gone over. It is a skill everyone should know and would be useful throughout college and through many different career fields.
I got to know my classmates more because of this and get more familiar with them which I am sad to...

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The overall subject for our archway was really great for incorporating other lessons or classes into and making connections. I know that I brought up biology a lot in some of my discussions and writings because it had to do quite a bit with ecology which came up quite a bit in this class. Those two were an easy connection to make but I was also able to make a connection to my course on government and politics as well. It is good when you can make the connection between courses without them teaching the same things because then it means you are actually understanding what is being taught and are able to apply it to other subjects outside of that class. Our seminar was a great example of one of those courses that allows you to bring in other aspects of your education and I do hope to find more classes similar to it as they interesting and really make you think.

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