Essay about Graduation Speech : My Biggest Internal Push Towards Attending College

Essay about Graduation Speech : My Biggest Internal Push Towards Attending College

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Growing up I always felt aloof from my peers because in comparison to them, I knew nothing about college and they had the idea of attending college marked on their head. As time went on certain factors influenced me to attend a 4 year institution and these factors were both internal and external. Aside from having factors influence my decision to attend a university, there were barriers that I had to surpass in order to fully enroll in what is UCLA.
I developed my own influences to attend college that were positive and negative. My biggest internal push towards attending college was to make my parents proud. My parents are people who have been through so much in order to watch me succeed and I want to make all their effort worthwhile by making them feel accomplished through my performance. Becoming a role model to my younger sibling and community is another one of my greater internal factors to attend a university because in my community not many succeed in terms that there are very huge drop out rates and poverty. I want to change this by giving them a sense of hope, that everything can be done no matter what situation one is in. Having a demand for success has influenced me to go to college because I believe that the way to aspire a dream career is too obtain a college education. An internal aspect to go to college that was not very intriguing but yes important to me was obtaining knowledge for myself. I feel that a person who has a rich sense of knowledge is a person that can combat all forces. It is natural to have internal forces that are negative, in my case the biggest negative pull factors were fear of failure and procrastination. I have always been afraid to try certain things because I feel that I fail there is not...

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...mmensely. After those produces that lead to my college acceptance I had to do what is called Student Intent to Register (SIR) which lets schools know that you will be attending their campus. It was a bit hard because I had other schools to chose from which had me indecisive but after I chose UCLA it made everything better. Finally, the most important thing that got me to UCLA was my high school diploma, without it my admission to UCLA would have been revoked because graduating high school is one of the most important things universities cares about regardless if you got admission to the university already.
There were many obstacles and influences that lead to my attendance at UCLA. Though some of these were tougher than others, the most important thing is that I am here today and that I continue my hard work ethics throughout my college years as an undergraduate.

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