Graduation Speech : English Language Development Program

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Educations are important in everyday learning. As we ages, we learn new important methods in becoming a successful student. Sometimes as a bilingual student, it seems to become harder to achieve our academic goals. I am that student, who done extra English development program in order to become who I am today, but I still struggle. Elementary school is where my academics learning begins. It started from the day I enrolled in English Language Development Program. My memories are a blurred, but I remembered the day I started Kindergarten with not much knowledge of the language English. I knew for a fact that I was the weakling of my entire class because most of them knew English and no one knew my language, so it became hard. Life in school was pretty tough because I didn’t make any friends for the first few weeks because I was shy and didn’t have the courage to talk to my classmate. While enrolling in school, I slowly began learned new English vocabularies and mathematical problems. My teacher noticed that English was complicated for me and some others students. So she recommended to my parent that I enrolled in ELD (English Language Development) to become equivalent to the others students. “The ELD… are designed to assist classroom teachers in assessing the progress of English learners toward attaining full fluency in English”(California Department of Education). In order to become fluent in English, I enrolled in ELD throughout my first grade years until the end of third grade. “Early start on language only accelerates as it goes along”(Kruger). This is true because English Language grew with me to determine where I was at. When I first enrolled in that program with the teacher named Mrs. Jackie, I was scared and didn’t know w... ... middle of paper ... ...ts. For my achievement, Mrs. Jackie brought us happy meal from McDonald. It was sad to leave her, but I felt accomplish. English Language Development program helped me out with my English to become who I am today. I am still struggling to keep my pace with all the new and harder vocabularies. My writing still need some help, but I got the context of what informations need to be in an essay. Starting early in ELD helped me a lot. “When it comes to language, there’s no such thing as starting too early”(Kruger). Starting early is easier because to me everyone seem to be at the same level as learning new things in school. Being bilingual is cool and it seem that we may have an higher education in life, but we started out as the struggle one, who was trying to become fluent in English. Learning a new language is hard, but with the effort and courage we can achieve.
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