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Graduation Speech : Elementary Science Essay example

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The teacher that teaches 7th grade science also teaches the 8th grade students. Both grades are loud, but she says they have made improvement. This grade as one of her more troublesome classes in it. I don’t see how she makes it through the day. She is always there trying to do the best she can for the students. She told me she tries to stay positive and tell the parents something good the child has done when she sees them.
Day one the teachers first 7th grade class is third hour and boy were they a handful. All the 7th grade had a test, board work and were told to read the next chapter when they were done and to pick up the vocabulary review work sheet off the home work table. The class came in loud and had to be told that class had started. When taking the test they are very disruptive and had to be told repeatedly to be quite. She gives them detailed easy to follow directions on the test, but they still just like the 8th grade show they don’t listen well because she still had to repeat herself multiple times. She walks around the room during the test to help explain things the students don’t understand on the test. She told me that this class gets sent to ISS (In School Suspension) for weeks or longer at a time. The teacher tries to save that as a last resort and prefers to handle as much conflict as possible in her room. The boys are constantly showing out and being disruptive no matter what they were working on. One student refused to do his test she tried moving him, telling him she would go get the principle, saying she would do it herself until she finally had to go and get the counselor to take him down to the ISS room or as the kids like to call it the hole. After that incident the students messed with her desk and ev...

... middle of paper ... and over the teacher. At the end of the hour she wipes out her paragraph slips and hands out about six to some very protest full students and tells them I want them first thing tomorrow morning or it’s double. Then when the bell ring they leave in a cloud of out of this world chaos.
In conclusion, I give my highest regards to all teachers its crazy how unruly this generation of kids are. I am definitely going to have my work cut out for me, but if observing has taught me anything it would have to be to pick your battles and sometimes you just have to let stuff go to get through the rest of your day. Teaching is going to be a magical mystery ride every day so I’m pretty sure getting board for me will be hard. I am great full for the wonderful insight I gained and the information learned. I will always be grateful to all teachers including my own for this as well

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