Graduation Speech : Education And Leadership Development Essay

Graduation Speech : Education And Leadership Development Essay

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Through out my life I have had different jobs in the educaiton field that has helped me decide on what I want to achieve. With the various roles I have had, I will be soon adding that of a coach, a teacher and administer to the many roles in life. With each of these roles comes plans that fall under a couple of key elements to prepare me for the future. Academic preparation, practical application, continuing education and leadership development are the four main core elements with each have their own subplots to help me continue in the education field in hopes of not only leaving a mark on the school, but of that those who I come into contact with during my years as an educator.
The first thing that is most important in any field is the prep work that is done before the job begins. The prep work must be done before any job in most fields, backgrounds must be done in order to fully achieve anything. For the most part I have been a student and then added a teaching into the mix, thus slowly adding the administration into the mixture. The first concept to look into when looking into the prepartion of the academic world, is that of the legal work.
Before coming into the academic world, I have personally never thought of anything legal when going to the adiminstartion field. The legal aspects that play into this field is that of several topics, to that of the elgiblity of the students playing that week to knowing when a teacher has crossed the line. As adminstrator, it would be my job setting the mark of when my students can or can not play and when to repairmand the teachers that will serve as a part of my team. Another part of the legal world in academia is that of defamation, which could fall under the parts of libel and slander....

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...the research and the application comes the continuing my education to stay up to date as an educator. Education is growing and changing every single day, and it is my job as a educator to keep up to date and provide my students with the best education that they can receive. All of the background, application and my continuing education all leads to the qualities that make a great leader and what I want to instill on my students. Integrity and commitment are ones that I want instill on my students and myself as a educator, I am committing to this and I will stay with it and I will hold myself to the highest standard that I can as an educator. All of these concept that we talked about are what makes an sports administrator or any administrator really. With all of these in place I will be able grow as an administrator and leave the mark I want to in the education field.

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