Graduation Speech : Education Administration Essay

Graduation Speech : Education Administration Essay

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It has been an honor serving as Vincennes University’s (VU) Early College Site Director at Central Nine Career Center (C9) and Perry Meridian Early College (PMEC). Serving in an academic setting solely dedicated to early-college education has been a professional aspiration since being introduced to middle colleges in 1999 and early college high schools in 2002. There is a bold thread of experience in precollege initiatives in my 15 years in 9-16 education administration. There is no greater opportunity than to be considered for a position as Assistant Dean of Instruction at Ben Davis University, and I ask that you accept this letter of application for the position.

Having served VU in early college, I have a keen knowledge of Skyward, Banner, and other administrative processes specific to Vincennes University. As an education administrator, I understand the importance of advancing the institution’s agenda while managing the administrative processes that promote academic achievement, student learning, and college degree attainment. At PMEC, I established schoolwide partnerships to integrate sanctioned tutoring delivered by high school teachers. I developed print and internet marketing materials to enhance students, parents, and staff understanding of early college as delivered by C9 and PMEC. Working collaboratively with the principal at Perry, I conducted professional development for PMEC adjunct faculty and the guidance counseling staff. In supporting a positive school culture, I established a director’s list to acknowledge the academic success of students in early college at C9 and PMEC. Additionally, I am working with teachers and administrators at PMEC to host an early college awards and induction ceremony in May to symb...

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... Gates Millennium Scholarship, Eli Lilly Scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholarship, and Ron Brown Scholar Program. I have also administered scholarship dollars, monitored the academic progress of scholarship recipients, and coordinated major gifts campaigns for community scholarships. This keen knowledge of competitively positioning students to compete successfully for scholarships have been instrumental in the college retention of traditionally underrepresented populations, as well as students who are not eligible for the Federal Pell Grant program.

In summary, I believe I possess the energy, creativity, optimism, experience, and education necessary to be successful as Assistant Dean of Instruction at Ben Davis University. I have attached my curriculum vitae for your review. Thank you in advance for reviewing my credentials and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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