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Graduation Speech : Dreams And Dreams Essay

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Dreams, everyone has some sort of life ambition or goal that they would like to have in their life. As children we look at the whole world with eyes filled with wonder and ambition; yet, as we age pursuing one’s own goals often gets put on the back burner. Life happens, people get married, and have kids and the hope of landing that dream career gets increasingly distant. We tell ourselves that we will get to it, but often we fall short of our own expectations of ourselves. As humans, we have the capacity to do and create wondrous things. Knowing of this capacity gives us the desire to go out and get what we truly want; however, as we begin pushing towards our desires we run into conflict. Life has a special way of creating obstacles and barriers to one’s dreams. Although life is exhausting and it is difficult to accomplish the feats that one aims at; succeeding is a truly rewarding feeling.
This year I got very serious about a dream of my own. I have a dream of getting in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. However, I was not sure how I was going to make this happen. My first couple years at university, I did not know what I wanted. I was content getting by. I was not failing courses but my grades were not necessary something that I could say that I was proud of. My mantra was the old saying “C’s get degrees” and although C’s might get a Bachelor’s degree they will not significantly improve one’s chances of getting into a respectable graduate program. Due to my own foolishness, I had placed a huge barrier to my goal before I even began reaching for it. I knew I needed to begin retaking some courses to get my GPA up higher before I graduate from Utah State University.
I am a Psychology major, I declared it as a freshman acci...

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...o help me measure where I was at in the class and what I needed to complete next. Also marking a task as complete functioned as a conditioned reinforcer because completing the tasks that I had identified made me want to continue to engage in the behaviors that would lead to marking off more of these tasks. Also, because I knew of the contingency between completing these tasks and my future exam success, -if I complete these behaviors then I am going to do better on my exam- I was further motivated to continue engaging in the behaviors.
I am glad to say that I have devised a method that works for me for helping me personally adapt and modify my own behavior. These Behavioral Strategies are versatile enough to be used for any goal and simple to complete. They provide a tangible way of confronting the challenges that I face as I attempt to accomplish my own dreams.

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