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Most incoming students wouldn’t realize that one way to deal with strenuous workload, and the stress that comes with college courses is to join extracurricular activities. Adjusting and getting accustomed to the daily rigorous and demanding college workload is not an easy task to undertake. Many students struggle in their first year of college, but advice from a present college student can establish valuable skills that can help new college students succeed. There are a plethora of skills and mindsets students need to be successful. Overall, getting involved in activities would make students work diligently and learn to time manage simultaneously. When it comes to time management, many students struggle to balance social and college life, resulting in high stress levels. This problem is exacerbated by college professors, who bombard students with essays, projects, and readings. Time management is an essential skill to have in college, not only because it will be beneficial, but it can also lower stress. To achieve this students need to be prepared to give things up and weigh their benefits against their costs. Students should be willing to give up leisure time to focus on their studies. However, it may sound contradicting, but joining extracurricular activities and being busy with them is one of the best ways to learn how to time manage and focus more on education. To ensure this students should join programs that draws their attention. For example, the STEP program helps students time manage by giving them a list of STEM related activities to fulfill. Most students would argue that this would exacerbate the time managing problem. However, students would meet other like minded people who share a common interest, which is to suc... ... middle of paper ... ...ook well-rounded and better suited for their career. Extracurricular activities help establish character and experience that can help students in their majors. For example, a computer engineering major who joins a computer club would meet future professionals and make networking connections. These connections can help students get an internship or a job after college. Joining clubs can also open up new scholarship opportunities. In short, there are no drawbacks from joining clubs and taking part in them. These activities will bring many benefits to students from time managing to promoting a healthy mindset for college. Joining clubs brings like minded people together and also functions as a support group to keep pushing each other. By joining at least one club, students will be able to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer outside and inside of college.

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