Graduation Speech : College Retention

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College Retention Some colleges and four-year universities today suffer from serious problems when it comes to their students joining/leaving. Most undergraduates are dropping-out without even obtaining their study’s degree. Why do they drop out? Some are dropping out because after high school, going to college is being too much of “on your own.” When a student drops from a college or university, they may live unhappy in the future from not having a career, or even a decent reliable income. Statistics shows that 70% of Americans will study a 4-year college, but less than two-thirds will graduate. About 30% of college and university students worldwide drop out their first year in school. Not having a great future limits these students from enjoying life. Perhaps a retention at the Saint Louis Community College; by developing a new program, or making current existing programs more prominent may help retain current students or attract new students to the area. The first step into keeping current students from dropping out, is to create some sort of program to help the students. Rather it is for first year students or even long-term students. Developing a program to help student whom are not on college academic level is the key in helping “the college/university itself look better.” Students whom are struggling on reading, writing, math, science, or anything that involves with basic courses, should be enrolled into this program. This program should act as a “babysitter”, so students who have the mentality that “in college, I’m on my own” could go to school like they did in high school. This program should help these students step by step even when these students do not ask for it. For example, let’s say there is a new freshmen stu... ... middle of paper ... ...on students in the US graduated with debt. This is one of the problems that schools like universities suffer from. But, by creating simple programs at STLCC, Meramec will help with retaining their students, or even attract new graduating high school generations. On the contrary, some people may believe that creating new programs is inefficient as it is a waste of time, money and could potentially be a distraction. When developing such programs, lots of time and money is needed to hire tutors and directors for those programs. But, spending money would only make more money, because if the community around STLCC sees potential in students at the college, they could possibly donate money towards the school. This benefits both the student and the school because the student gets a great future, and the school itself, gets a higher reputation along with other revenues.
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