Graduation Speech : College Level Writing Essay

Graduation Speech : College Level Writing Essay

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After the completion of this course, college level writing will continue to influence my academic life, and might just continue into my workplace because my future as a student at the University of Alabama is unclear. Although at no point do I plan on majoring in English, but college-level writing will continue to affect my academic life. As of now, I am planning on majoring in music education. I am still not sure if music education is definitely what I want to do, so my plan might change sometime in the near future. When I look back at the semester, I feel that I have met the objective that provides I must demonstrate knowledge in “grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, and basic citation and paper formatting.” I feel that I have met this objective because I became more self-conscious in my grammar/punctuation/etc. when writing for my peers. Another objective that I have met is that I have written my essays with excellent “content development, organization, and style by practicing the steps of the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising).” Another objective that I feel I can still improve upon is, “Execute the assignment instructions for a variety of academic genres,” in my essays. Meeting these objectives has not been easy, as it’s taken me weeks to get used to this kind of writing process, but I have definitely improved all of these areas. My writing abilities have improved through use of correct grammar and punctuation, my composition of essays with content development and style, and my execution of the assignment instructions.
The objective that I have improved most in is, “Demonstrate correctness in the written conventions of the University discourse community, including grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, an...

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...I have come very far since the beginning of this English course, but my writing abilities can still be ameliorated. My instructor and peers have provided me with excellent feedback and insight into my writing. I will continue to improve because this type of writing will always be a part of my academic career. There are several other courses I will need to complete before my I get out of college, and academic writing will be a part of almost all of them. Even though I definitely am not planning on majoring in English or writing, my academic writing will be used in any course that I take. I do indeed hope to further my writing skills so my much-needed communication skills in the workplace will flourish. The improvement in my academic writing style is evident in my grammar and writing structure, but I still need to focus on following assignment instructions completely.

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