Graduation Speech : College Is Worth It Essay

Graduation Speech : College Is Worth It Essay

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Attending college is worth it. Students who get a college education and graduate have many more life changing opportunities than those who don 't; the debates of studying after high school has been ongoing for many years but statistics have proven that majority to all students who go to college achieve more life goals than the average high school graduate. They get more work benefits, life skills, higher paying salaries, etc. There is a downside to everything in life such as debt is to college education. However, the price students pay is so small compared to what the benefits they receive after graduating from college.
College graduates make more money than high school graduates. The average annual income for someone without a college education was around $40,000 in 2010, but someone with the college education made twice or even more that income even today. A student studying for around two years, an associate 's degree, made more in a lifetime than the student with only the high school diplomas. The greatest advantage to have in order to receive a higher salary a high school graduate is to obtain some sort of a college degree.
Just as universities are competitive with whom they choose to study on their campus, many jobs have become competitive with whom they hire to work for them. Universities will offer a greater amount of scholarships to high school students who have displayed hard work and discipline. Good paying jobs have some requisites as well. They will pay more to the workers who have worked hard to earn it just as how the university offered more aid to the students who worked hard; most people are accepted into college just as some gets a job but the ones who receive more money are the ones who worked years...

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... to make friends, enter fraternities, use social media, and get into clubs or sports. It all expands a student 's networking value with the more people whom they come into contact with.
In addition, colleges offer networks in the students ' preferred field of work. They open up opportunities for students to go on internships where they may end up working with the company in the future if they did a good job and may rank higher every year they work. Colleges also offer career-based consultation on the students ' study field which either halts or furthers the students ' interest in the field. Also, it offers alumni networks where students can get to know other people who have already graduated in their field, which may bring future advantages. College is the easiest, most enjoyable way of getting to know others and making a network connection for future references.

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