Essay on Graduation Speech : College Is Money, Broke, Oh My !

Essay on Graduation Speech : College Is Money, Broke, Oh My !

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College, Money, Broke, OH MY!
Over the years, college tuition has become such a taboo topic in today’s families. The unavoidable question always rises: how does one pay for such an extreme amount? Even worse, who is responsible for paying it? This controversial topic has seized many conversations for students already stressing about college preparation. Typically, students expect their parents to take on the financial burden. In reality, most middle class families cannot afford the average cost of tuition, so students are left to fend for themselves. However, with the help of various resources and money-saving opportunities, students can be responsible for paying their own tuition into college.
Most young adults expect their parents to supply money needed for college and vise-versa; the parents, although they probably want to, are not financially stable enough to give their child(ren) money for college tuition. Most parents try to help out as much as they can, and of course, that is always welcome. In fact, “about 77% of parents say they plan to help their child pay for college” (Ellis). However, the student should be the sole provider for his or her higher education. At this point, the student is old enough to get a part-time job and start saving money. They are transforming into grown adults and paying for college is the first step into adulthood for most.
Saving should be mandatory for all U.S. citizens. If this was the case, Americans would find themselves in less debt and the poverty rate would decrease massively. In 2013, there were over 45 million people that were classified as impoverished (Gongloff). Had they taken it upon themselves to save money, that amount would not be so high. Except, people are not so disciplined...

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...affordable and cheap. Students who maintain a high GPA in college should get a reduction on their loans. Not only does this show that the student is working hard to get his or her education, it provides motivation for those who are struggling to pay for it.
Taking all of this into consideration, students entering college may definitely experience a bunch of stress and financial instability. Still, these ideas and improvements could positively impact the way students look at college, making it a more approachable subject to converse about versus a forbidden topic that everyone wants to avoid. They could benefit those who are less fortunate and provide for more equal college entrance standards. Students can portray a sense of responsibility and take some stress off the parents. College should not be a debt sentence and with these innovations, it does not have to be.

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