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Although it has been stressed economically a college degree may not be the right fit for certain individuals. Many individuals don’t pay attention to the details of their soon to be degree when they are selecting their future alma mater. Their future could clearly dependent solely on the name and reputation of their alma mater. Also by the major they choose to attain at this certain university. A number of years that you spend earning an education doesn’t necessarily mean that you are more intellectual. It could determine whether the return you will get from the university will be worth attending it, but they do state that regardless of the return the education. You are still receiving valuable life experiences through attending a college. It also states that telling all students that getting a college is required, may just be a waste of time for them. It is difficult however to gauge whether earning a degree is well worth it. One way that they can determine the worth of earning the degree is through the pay difference. They have performed many experiments on this subject such as raising two twins and sending one to a university while the other one joined the workforce. The best study that the researchers developed was that the average return of an education is around ten percent in pay. Though there are factors that contribute to the equation such as the cost of the education that you are attaining. Also the delay I the years of entering the workforce the person gives up to attain the degree. Using the average earning of the civilians who enter the workforce following the attainment of their diploma you would earn an average of fifty-four thousand dollars in the span of a four-year degree. There are however extra benefits that t... ... middle of paper ... ...ective school such as West Point your degree will have a lot more precedence to other degrees. You need to consider also the amount of financial aid you will be able to attain in your tenure at the school because that could be a burden lifted for certain individuals that are not able to afford the burden of the tuition. The more specialized of a degree that a person receives also is a contributing factor of how much an individual will earn in his or hers working career. The workforce can vary in salary because in some fields a person with a bachelor’s degree will out earn someone with a professional degree. It depends solely on the profession the person decides to pursue ad how far they decide to take their education. Though regardless of the outside influences I believe that a college degree is definitely worth attaining because of the positive outputs on your life.

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